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Lighting Retrofits

Taking Energy Efficiency to a New Level with AM/PM Electric

With today’s ever increasing energy rates and emphasis on energy efficiency, many people are now realizing how vital it is to consider saving energy. Having an efficient lighting system will not only improve lighting in the work place, it will also show an increase in monthly hydro savings backed by government incentives. Let AM/PM Electric's team of lighting consultants and technicians design a lighting system for your facility that will be guaranteed to save you money.

Free Energy Audits & Assessment

Through our Energy Audits and Assessments (personalized to your companies specific needs), you will be informed on how much energy your commercial or industrial property consumes and how to make your property more energy efficient. Our FREE assessment will thoroughly examine your facility’s energy performance and uncover any hidden causes of energy waste through your lighting. A detailed energy sheet will be created showing your current energy useage versus your potential savings & government rebates should you decide to upgrade your system.

Receive a FREE Energy Audit and Assessment by AM/PM Electric to proceed with a property energy retrofit. Contact us today to get the process started.

Government incentives through the Save on Energy Program

The Government of Canada uses incentives to encourage business owners to upgrade their lighting systems, These incentives will be guaranteed to help make your lighting conversion a success with potentials of up to a 50% return on investment (Dependant on the size of project).

A combination of grant, low-cost loan and other incentive programs are encouraging owners of small-to medium-sized businesses and properties in the GTA to get involved.

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